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The Author

My name is Mohammed Makhlouf. I go by Mak. I grew up in set of diverse locations including Assiut in Egypt, Kyoto and Sendai in Japan, San Diego in the US and Al Ain in the UAE. Lived for a while in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (hence the .my ccTLD) and currently living in Doha, Qatar.

Iā€™m a software architect, cyber security intelligence solution architect and a programmer. For the past year and a half I am working at the national CERT of Qatar, serving as the CSI Solution Architect under the threat intelligence section.


In November 2014, I started Qash with my wife Vera while participating in startup weekend Doha

Before joining QCERT, I worked as a software architect at Sam Media in Kuala Lumpur where I worked on the re-factoring effort of a legacy platform to support mobile content delivery for a few hundred gateways and mobile operator all over the world.
Prior to that I was the Software Architect / Team Lead at Yakimibi where I worked on developing a secure Dropbox alternative which is compliant with the National Malaysian data privacy policy (GPIS1).
While at Yakimbi I worked on the backend infrastructure and wrote the platform and web services as well as the API for the backend system and it was an education in scaling, optimization, and systems architecture, not to mention all the joys and stresses that come with working at a growing startup.

Before heading to Kuala Lumpur I worked as a research and teaching assistant at the faculty of computers and information sciences, Assiut university where I used to teach lab classes in web programming, data structures, programming language analysis and technical report writing.


Technology aside, my primary interests are golf, boxing, cigars. In my free time I enjoy one of those activities with my wife, well except boxing of course.
I am a proud Muslim with no interest in any form of politicization of Islam.
I am married to Vera Makhlouf since May 2014. we got married in Bali, Indonesia, then Married her again in Kritinia, Greece on August 2014 and just when we thought we got married, could not help but to marry her again in Rhodes, Greece.
The Site

I write here. I write on no particular schedule and about no definite range of topics. My posts range in length from a single sentence to several printed pages. More often than not, I write about technology, culture, music, travel, and ideas, punctuated with accounts of major goings-on in my life.

This site has gone through many iterations over the years since 2008.

I currently host this site on a Digital Ocean VPS. I manage the content and layout with Ghost.


You can find me on a variety of social web sites; my username is usually msmakhlouf.

GitHub ā€” code, waiting for you to improve it.
LinkedIn ā€” all business.
Twitter ā€” brief status updates and observations.


Feel free to email me. If you need to contact me privately.